Sully Disney-Pixar Monster, INC. Sully Mini-Backpack with Boo

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James P. Sullivan, at your service. Scary-but-not-so-scary Sully from the 2001 movie Monsters, Inc. is here to carry your books and stuff, and he brought a friend. The faux-fur Disney Pixar Monsters, Inc. Sully Mini-Backpack with Boo Coin Pouch measures roughly 11 1/2-inches tall x 8 1/4-inches wide x 4-inches deep and features zipper closure, applique details, a matching lining… and horns. There are also adjustable straps, a handle, and an uber-cool Boo coin purse! Boo's not afraid of Sully, and you shouldn't be either. Order him and Boo right away!